Topdeck, Australia

ChillyBin and Foxtel’s Channel [v] recently launched the Topdeck microsite so everyone can keep up to date with Channel [v]’s Billy during his Europe Topdeck trip to Europe.

The website for Topdeck was built for the Genesis Framework by StudioPress & WordPress Content Management System to allow easy administration and flexibility over all aspects of the website. The design was provided by the team at Channel [v], the website was designed and developed to be responsive so that it looks perfect on mobile, tablet and desktop browsers while still showcasing all of the design elements on each platform. The website has an integrated Instagram widget pulling through images from Billy directly into the site, alongside his latest Tweets. We’ve also developed an integrated photo gallery for each of the destinations making it easy for visitors to stay in touch with what Billy is up to in Europe. The system allows his management full access to change just about any aspect of the site through the administration modules in a quick and easy system which gives them highly detailed analytics at their fingertips.

Joining a Topdeck bus of potential new friends / restraining orders, he’ll eat his way through Paris, sky dive in the Swiss Alps and search for love (read: boobs) in Barcelona.

Role: Web Development (WordPress, PHP, XHTML & CSS, jQuery, Javascript)