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WordPress Design

We create remarkable, elegant, useful and profitable web solutions in WordPress.

It takes three short seconds to impress a visitor before they move onto a competitor’s website. In those few moments, your website design needs to knock your visitor’s socks off. Luckily, ChillyBin are the experts in user experience (UX) and understand the fine art of WordPress design and development.

To kick off your website design, we start with the information architecture of the website which is the creation of a website plan, sitemap, and rough wireframes of site templates. This focuses on how visitors will move through your site, interact with your content, and ultimately, take action.

The next step is to create the visual design (look and feel) of the site; this includes up to three rounds of revisions to reach the final website design. Our friendly team works with our clients closely throughout the entire process to ensure your website suits your business to a tee.

If you want to find out more about how we can transform your WordPress website get in touch and let’s create something amazing together.

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Enhanced site performance

One of the crucial parts of online marketing is the performance of your website. If visitors enjoy a smooth & lighting fast experience on your site, the chances of them bouncing to another site are much lower. At ChillyBin, we design and develop WordPress sites that are enhanced to optimise user experience.

SEO at your fingertips

In the online world you need to ensure you have a watertight SEO strategy that keeps you at the top of the Google search engine rankings. Using WordPress CMS, our developers create sites with SEO embedded so your website is indexed, linked and optimised so you get the best results. We embrace industry best practice in SEO and ensure all of our amazing clients get the latest SEO included in their site.

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Easy conversions

Want to convert more leads into customers? We can help create a website that loves generating leads and is packed with conversion-boosting plugins that get the job done. We add in plenty of conversion solutions to ensure your website gets visits, shares and clicks. If you want to make converting new clients easier, speak with the team from ChillyBin today.

Mobile friendly

These days your website needs to be viewed on a whole bunch of devices to ensure your site is mobile friendly and easily viewed on a wide variety of devices. Our developers use handy plugins for our WordPress websites to ensure all of our websites are fully integrated and mobile responsive for smartphones, tablets and laptops.

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Why is great web design so important? 

When a potential customer comes to your website, it takes them only a matter of seconds to make a decision on whether or not to stay on your page. A few of the factors in their decision to stay may be the colours. Is the colour too bright? Is the contrast of the background and the words okay or does the colouring make it hard to read? Another factor may be how easy it is to navigate. Does the link they click on actually take them where they want to go?

ChillyBin is a Singapore web design company that can help you create a jaw-dropping website design to attract more customers.

We understand that it is not humanly possible to please everyone; however, that doesn’t mean we can’t try. We want to help you knock the socks off everyone who visits your website. Our web design services in Singapore include:

  • User Experience Design: We explore all the research, design, testing and refinements needed to get the right set for your web design.
  • User Interface Design: This is the tool that can take your website from okay to excellent. We have the experience needed to help design the interface for you.
  • Responsive Design: Your web design not only needs to look good, but also functions well. All the websites we have designed run smoothly and are easy for your customers to use.

Packaging and Print: We don’t just stop at your jaw-dropping web design; we also print and package designs for your company to help promote your business.

We are all about helping you produce not only a jaw-dropping, knock-your-socks-off* website, but a profitable one as well. Contact our Singapore web design agency today, and we can help you bring in the revenue your business deserves.

*Warning: ChillyBin is not responsible for any broken jaws or lost socks that may occur after your website has been built.

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The Best Company in Singapore To Hire For Your New Website Design

A new website design can make all the difference between growing your sales and decreasing your company’s sales. With so many competitors and amazing designs available, your customers now have choices and many places to shop. So how can you attract them and get them to trust your company and continue shopping on your website? You need a website design that is not only easy for them to navigate but grabs their attention as well. Where can you find an agency that can create a website design that does both of those things?

We at Chillybin in Singapore create jaw-dropping website designs for our clients every time
When you choose our company for your website design, you are choosing the best for your business. It is our job to make your business look great and also be fully functional. Our website designs will help your company stand out from the sea of other businesses on the internet. These are the areas we focus on when designing your website:

  • User Experience Design: If your site looks great but is hard to use, you may frustrate your customers before they ever even begin shopping or looking more into your business. We create website designs that look amazing but are also easy to use for your target audience.
  • User Interface Design: This element is what will take your website design from great to jaw-dropping. Whether you need a web catalogue or a fundraiser platform, we will create the perfect design for your individual needs.
  • Responsive Design: We make sure your website design is fully responsive and works well. Our designers create designs that seamlessly flow from every device, creating a great responsive design for your website and all of your customers.
  • Mobile Platforms: Most of your potential customers are searching for you from a mobile device. We ensure that your website is fully mobile responsive. Anyone can search for your business on any type of mobile device and easily navigate your mobile site design.
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How to Get The Most From Our Website Design Service

Let us know in the initial consultation about every marketing service you are interested in.

This is key from the very beginning. The first time we discuss with our clients what their marketing needs are, we try to find out every service you might be interested in, even if some are for future work. Knowing this helps us create proper marketing strategies and goals that use the marketing services from today to better set up other services in the future when they’re added. It’s important to mention all of the services your business may need because this will better help plan to incorporate other marketing services down the road.

Be open to new ideas and suggestions.

The digital marketing world changes almost daily with new products, services, ideas, and trends. What works one day may not work a month from now. Being open to new ideas just helps us suggest new products, plugins, marketing material, and more that maybe hasn’t become popular yet but is still a great product. Our marketing experts are constantly looking for new ways to help our clients reach their target audience with systems and ideas that others may not have thought of yet. It can be a lot of fun to try something new and see how it helps your business grow.

Believe that our marketing team wants to help your business grow.

At ChillyBin, our amazing marketing team loves designing and developing websites for businesses that look great, work well, and helps your business grow. We know our marketing services can help build businesses by reaching their target audience and making the website experience user friendly for a better engagement and check out experience. Our number one goal is to help our clients which is why we do what we do, so if you begin by believing that, we can work together as a team to grow your business through marketing strategies, amazing website design, solid website development, digital marketing, and so much more.

We look forward to working with you in growing your business through our proven website design services. Whether you are in Singapore or across the globe, our design team has worked with businesses around the world in a variety of industries and niches. You can find out more about why we do what we do and why we love helping businesses through world-class website design. Our passion is to create amazing websites that our clients are proud to call theirs and will help your business grow.

We love helping local Singapore companies with website development, website design, SEO and more, but we are not limited to Singapore alone. 

Let us help you grow your business with a marketing strategy made specifically for your company’s goals in mind. You can contact our office during normal operating hours by phone or fill out the form on the Contact page. One of our team members will get back to you shortly so we can begin discussing your business and marketing needs. We look forward to working with you!


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