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ChillyBin is easily the best website design agency in Singapore and is the only company I trust for WordPress development. After getting them to build our website we also went for the aftercare package to take the hassle out of plugin updates and backups.

matt catling

Matt Catling, Founder

Your Future Now

muloongo muchelemba

Muloongo Muchelemba, Founder & Content Creator


I first engaged ChillyBin to undertake an audit of my website, ONGOLO.com which had been built by an incompetent website design firm in the United States. After my website suddenly stopped working one weekend, Shaan did a quick audit in a couple of days that uncovered the many things that had been done incorrectly. He was also able to do some quick fixes to get me back online. I was so impressed that I hired ChillyBin to do a website rebuild.

I would highly recommend ChillyBin for the following reasons:

  • Very professional and knowledgeable: as someone who knows little about coding and building websites, I benefitted from the advice I received about everything from website layouts to plugins and overall website performance and how this would affect the user experience. That expert advice made such a difference and cut down the time spent on the design phase.
  • Commitment to delivering as promised: ChillyBin does not overpromise and underdeliver. Unlike the American firm that used every excuse in the book to explain delays (including the developer died), the team delivered as promised and knows how to manage expectations
  • Value for money: you get what you pay for. ChillyBin cost me more than the cowboys but they delivered a superb website and used the best WordPress tools out there. Given the headaches I got before by building my website three times on the cheap, I will never make the mistake of not using professionals
  • Training: I received two training sessions on how to navigate the website which was super helpful. I had no idea how to navigate my previous website. Good developers will always be generous with their time to teach
  • After-sales service: I happily signed up for the 12 monthly care package after the website was built and the team was happy to help me when I accidentally deleted something. Its little things like that which mean so much

Overall, I am very happy with the service and will engage ChillyBin again as my blog grows even though I have now left Singapore for London. Trust is important and I felt that ChillyBin had my best interests at heart. Many thanks and best wishes to Shaan, Leyster and Veena!

I love working with Shaan and his team! To see how they turned an initial idea/concept into the final creation of the website was impressive.

I especially loved the questionnaire that Shaan sent me at the beginning of the process. It helped me to get clear of my vision and mission.

I completely trust Shaan and his team in all aspects of creation from design to high-level functionality.

They are very responsive and even though I live in California I never have to worry about not able to get in touch with them.

I will highly recommend ChillyBin to anyone who is looking for high-quality design and great people to work with.

I LOVE my website!

jovinna chan

Jovinna Chan, Yoga, Meditation and Conscious Dance Teacher


jonathan mitchell

Jonathan Mitchell, Director


ChillyBin is an excellent team that offers quality service to meet the demand. They are very friendly people who express their honest perspectives and advice. Their patience is first class in trying to understand what you want, and they will help you create your business website together with your vision. Thank you to Shaan Nicol (web designer), who personally helped me along with Jarrod (social media), Veena, and the whole team at ChillyBin (: Keep up the great work.

ChillyBin have built me two incredible sites (so far, more on the way) and everything they do is first-class.

You can start with a concept, and the team will help you take it to the next level, so you start off on the right foot, and can use your website to drive traffic and sales from Day 1.

Foolishly we tried to start this project with a ‘friend of a friend’ and ended up hurting ourselves for it. Shaan was able to fix all the mistakes, strip out all the junk, and get it from loading in 10 seconds down to 2 or less – amazing! The best part though was the coaching and consulting Shaan added along the way – an unexpected bonus, and worth way more than we paid in the project fix.

Projects are delivered on time and they explain things in simple to understand terms, which is the icing on the cake.

jarrod partridge

Jarrod Partridge, Founder

F1 Chronicle

Jon Arnup

Jon Arnup, President & CEO

Trent Port Services

Our old website served a purpose when the company was founded in 2016, but it was static, typical website layout and not attractive when trying to navigate through as a customer.

Since talking to Chillybin and engaging them to develop our new website and content, we could not be happier. We asked for ‘clean and fresh’, and got just that.

They listen to all your wants, wishes and stories in order to match the site and content to your identity. They have extreme patience – and that allowed us to get to our end goal which we are very happy with indeed.

Website development isn’t as easy as it may seem – and its very much a two way process where you need each other to bounce off and inspire – with the Chillybin team I felt we got just that – hence why we are so happy with our end result.

Thank you Chillybin and look forward to continued support with our website year on year.

I moved to Singapore about three years ago when I was looking to start a business.

I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my life and having no tech background, no experience in e-commerce or anything technology related, I went about looking for someone to help me build a website as the first step.

I came across Shaan from ChillyBin, I immediately knew that he was going to be the right guy, we’re on the same wavelength. We hit it off, he set about a plan and he stuck to the project timeline.

Today, we have a thriving subscription service with over 1,000 active subscribers and we’re now expanding into Malaysia.

So, if you’re looking for a great web designer, developer to start your business. I highly recommend Shaan from ChillyBin.

paul berthelsen

Paul Berthelsen, Founder

Perk Coffee

Yan Phun

Yan Phun, COO


Ranking exceptionally well with organic traffic, the site is a foundation of the digital marketing platform implemented by 99.co and one that we are absolutely delighted with.

We like ChillyBin’s design ideas and the logical step by step process of building a website.  In the future, we are looking to engage ChillyBin again to set up some forms for our website to help engage viewers and simplify the user experience and conversions.

Throughout the process we were impressed with your methods and liked your efficiency and transparency across each step of the development process.

We look forward to using your services again in the future and highly recommend your business to anyone looking for an edgy and innovative development agency.

Ginger Hsiao

Ginger Hsiao, Co-Founder


Martyn Barnes

Martyn Barnes, Managing Director

Barnes Capital

Love this site, it’s honestly sexy and exactly what I was looking for to position my brand, my company and my projects

Our company sought ChillyBin Web Design’s services to create a website showcasing our newest capability.  Shaan and his team worked closely with us on the entire project to assure the information we wanted to portray was displayed clearly and intuitively. The result was a tidy and user-friendly website, which is gathering more and more attention.  I found ChillyBin to be accommodating, adaptable, and understanding of our needs and in terms of working with us on content and design ideas.  I would recommend ChillyBin Web Design’s services to those on developing and maintaining a website for their company or personal use.

logo cadg

Max Shaulis, Business Development Associate


kate marsden

Kate Marsden, Marketing Manager

Expat Insurance

We wanted to refresh our brand and at the same time get a new website that was mobile responsive. Shaan and ChillyBin came really highly recommended from Delilah Creative, the designers that we engaged with. The process was really easy and the tangible results have been fantastic, traffic has been up 20% in the two weeks since we launched and conversions are up 15% on our previous website.

I sleep a little more soundly at night now and can do my job effectively. Everything is being tracked really well, it feels really good knowing that traffic is coming in, leads are converting and people are paying attention to our brand, and that means everything.

We approached ChillyBin Web Design in the early stages of our website development. Shaan and his team helped us develop our approach, with technical support to help focus our efforts. The result was a website designed and developed by ChillyBin Web Design that surpasses our expectation. We found his team quick to respond, adaptive to changes and always helpful. I would recommend ChillyBin Web Design to anyone who needs support from concept to delivery, as they provide a full end-to-end solution.

Greg Fortune

Gregory Fortune, Founder

Enjoy Compare

Anna Trybocka

Anna Trybocka, CEO


Thanks for getting things turned around so quickly. We really appreciate you getting the ‘bigger’ picture and understanding where we’re trying to position the business and reflecting that in the website design.

We’ve worked with ChillyBin twice now. Both projects were top notch. Shaan and team are responsive and come with insights and heaps of creative. They understood what we wanted to achieve from the outset on both projects – which were very different from one another. Making sure every little request and detail was taken care of.

With theminutelist.com Shaan and his team continue to give us guidance on best practice and are actively shaping what this platform is now and what it can be in the future.

With the Hurrah! website the new website has allowed us to move to the next phase of our development, moving from a production company to a Creative Production Agency – no small task, Shaan and team were a constant and helped with all aspects of our website – which acts as our storefront. Since relaunch – with the new website front and centre – we’ve increased revenue and our conversion of prospects to long-term clients has increased hugely. Hurrah for Chillybin!

James Rotheram

James Rotheram, Founder


Troy Sadler

Troy Sadler, Director

Art Works Pte Ltd

We are amazingly proud of the work ChillyBin has done for us. Shaan worked with us through a professional, well-thought-out process of website design and development.

They delivered a site that exceeds our expectations and gets awesome feedback from our investors.

Their commitment to quality, technical expertise, and process discipline are inspiring. We don’t know anyone that knows WordPress inside and out like they do and we’re thankful that we found that expertise in ChillyBin Web Design.

We have engaged them to maintain our WordPress website and optimise for SEO, as well as look after our marketing and lead generation and are looking forward to working with them on many new ventures in the future.

I’d like to thank you for all you work over the last 12-18 months. You’ve been a pleasure to work with and you made this WordPress migration project possible. It’s been a huge success for Foxtel.

Ashley Tyghe

Ashley Tyghe, Digital Operations Manager

Foxtel Management

Christine Wong

Christine Wong, Marketing Director

The Society Of Publishers Asia

We used ChillyBin WordPress Web Design because of their previous customer testimonials, competitive pricing, good website and their prompt responses to our enquiries.

We have been working with Shaan for the last few months in the frame of our website development. We finally launched it as scheduled and were thrilled to see it live and to start getting positive feedback from acquaintances and business partners. While coming at a relatively inexpensive price considering the time involved and how pricey specialists services can be in Singapore, this website has already proven to be a great addition to our operations and allows us to start a new year with many new projects and developments which would be harder to undertake without the support of the website.

Throughout the website development, Shaan’s guidance has been unobtrusive while being a source of competence and of advice. It was easy and agreeable to collaborate. Although I was initially suspicious about the web solution which ChillyBin uses as a platform of exchange, I got used to it and eventually appreciated it functionalities which were relevant and useful. And Shaan was always on the other end of the email box when required.

It was a very good experience ending with a beautiful website of which we are very proud. Thank you Shaan and Chillybin team.

Benoit Badufle

Benoit Badufle, Managing Director

HORUS Development & Consulting

Robyn Poh

Robyn Poh, Marketing Manager

Art Works

Our former website needed a revamp and we needed to move from a simple website builder (Wix) to WordPress (which has refined features that can cater to our business needs). We were recommended by a common friend to ChillyBin Web Design’s services.

Shaan and the team at ChillyBin were professional in putting our business and target audience needs first. They were prompt in troubleshooting and finding solutions to developing our website. We were pleased with the outcome of the design and build.

One thing I liked was their ability to translate thoughts and ideas into a working website product. I found the experience very rewarding.

I would recommend ChillyBin Web Design to people who need a WordPress website that is designed and developed to meet your business needs.

I approached ChillyBin Web Design because I needed a website for my new coaching business… Shaan and his team helped me by mapping out a clear strategy for success. The results are outstanding, I now have a website that will work for me as a marketing tool to drive leads. One thing I liked was their ability to convert my goals to a working business website, as well as their ability to regularly communicate the project status. I found the experience very enjoyable and I would recommend ChillyBin to anyone who needs a WordPress website for their small business.

Kathleen Ho

Kathleen Ho, Owner

The Claret Coach

Sam Newa

Sam Newa, Owner

Micro City Supply

After going through a few quotations, ChillyBin was able to understand my needs and also execute the final product according to my style. The price also fit my budget, ChillyBin was able to execute the project earlier than I expected. I appreciate ChillyBin’s hard work on this project. Thank you! Hope to work with you again in the future!

Working with ChillyBin has been a very smooth and good example of how a web design agency and client can collaborate to produce positive results.

At the Ethics in Finance – Robin Cosgrove Prize we were fortunate enough to not be stuck with the common website design quandry of having to write content or plan our website structure. This was already in place, but only through an outdated website sitting on a legacy version of a CMS. Our brief to ChillyBin was simple, using existing content, refresh the design and feel of the sight to show the RCP as the now mature NFP prize that it is in the financial sector. This was especially important given that our organisation had recently been picked up and highlighted globally by the IMF as positive tool for generating ideas to improve ethics in the finance sector.

Throughout the design process Shaan provided us with frequent updates, opportunities to provide feedback which, after iterating the design further, produced the smooth and professional website we see today. Small updates and tweaks following publication have all been carried out in short order following the launch of the new website and no task has been too trivial.

All of this has amounted to a positive experience from which we are more than satisfied with the results Shaan and ChillyBin have produced.

Nat Sacks

Nat Sacks, IT Professional

Ethics in Finance - Robin Cosgrove Prize

Dr Luke White, B.Chiro. Sc M.Chiro

Elite Chiropractic

After talking with Shaan I was amazed at how quickly he was able to put my website together. My clients have commented on the both the clean sharp look and the functionality of the site. I am very happy and can’t recommend Shaan at ChillyBin highly enough.

We selected ChillyBin to develop our new website due to their experience in WordPress. We were not disappointed. Shaan was able to deliver what we wanted in a short time frame and within budget. Whenever we ran into issues during the development process, Shaan always responded promptly and resolved the problems within a day or two. Great service and highly recommended for WordPress websites.

Testimonial placeholder image from Unsplash for Ivanna Tan

Ivanna Tan, Designer

Lien AID

Rose K Kuruvilla, Architect of Dreams

Never Ending Ideas

Shaan is a well-versed developer who comes with years of experience. You can tell not by reading his portfolio but by how quick his responses are to questions posed to him about any project he is on. He is reliable, extremely committed and has a quick turn round time. I hired Shaan of ChillyBin to redesign and develop a brand new website for my company. The new website looks really good, works well and has received many compliments. I am very happy with his work and will recommend him to anyone who needs a good developer. Thank you Shaan!

Right from the get-go I felt that Shaan really understood my needs and proposed ideas that totally fitted in with my brand and company image. It was like a breath of fresh air talking to him versus other web designers who suggested standard templates without really understanding what I wanted. Shaan makes the effort to work closely with his clients to deliver a customised service. I am very happy with my new website and have received great feedback!

Shalu Asnani, Vegetarian Chef

Little Green Kitchen

Dawn Sim, Director

The Open Centre

We wanted a website that is user-friendly and easy to maintain.  Shann understood our needs and came up with our site in a short period of time.  He walked us through the process and always helpful in answering our questions as we went along.

Shaan is patient and very responsive. 

We truly appreciate the quality and timeliness of work ChillyBin has done.

We made the right choice when we selected ChillyBin to rework our website. Not only did the outcome exceed our expectations, but working with someone who really understands the customers’ needs and requirements made it that much easier.  Impressive work Shaan – keep it up ChillyBin!

Shaun Ahern

Shaun Ahern, Sales & Marketing Manager

Maglink International

Testimonial placeholder image from Unsplash for Grace Li

Grace Li, Manager

John Langrehr Thinking Program

It was good experience working with Shaan on the re-launch of our website. Shaan is technically competent and knowledgeable in this area of work. Thank you.

ChillyBin have done a great job on our site – they listed to what we wanted to achieve, were flexible when we kept changing our minds, and used their own creative judgement to provide us with a website that we’re delighted with and has also received many favourable comments. 

Debbie Watkins, Managing Director

Fern Singapore

Edmund Burke

Edmund Burke, Project Manager

Baker Engineering

Baker Engineering were very pleased to instruct ChillyBin to design and develop our new website. We enjoyed working with ChillyBin as they were easy to deal with and the website they delivered perfectly suited our requirements.

ChillyBin is great in suggesting theme for our company website. The WordPress CMS and SEO add on help us to be aware of the visitor profile and we can plan our internet strategy effectively. Cost is within our budget and it’s worth getting ChillyBin for our web design.

Testimonial placeholder image from Unsplash for Ben Sia

Ben Sia, CEO

Acclaim Aviation

Hester Aba, Creative Director

Sassy Media Group

Shaan is head and shoulders above any other coder/web designer we’ve ever worked with, from his excellent responsiveness to the careful consideration he gives to all aspects of our technical planning, which helps us to build our business. We can’t imagine doing without him now! 

I definitely recommend ChillyBin as I would use their services again if required. The team listened to what I wanted, understood me, gave me a fair price, delivered the project on time and was always available to fix minor bugs afterwards.

Nicolas Marchand, First Officer

Lighthouse Club Singapore

Ben Williams, CEO

Groundswell Events

ChillyBin understands the challenges that arise in building our event websites and are able to offer good solutions to allow for a smooth user experience. They are also very responsive, which is very important for us

Thanks Shaan for being patient and understanding towards us, given the numerous amendments which we had you made in relation to our website. Additionally, thank you for your prompt response in making these admendments, and in responding to our queries.

Testimonial placeholder image from Unsplash for Goh Guan Qun

Goh Guan Qun, Social Worker

Marine Parade Family Service Centre

Katsuko Ozaki, Managing Director

Yawaragi Pte Ltd

Thank you so much, I’m very impressed!

Shaan and Chillybin were great in helping us make a great looking, easy to use site for our yearly music festival. They created a simple and effrective vessel for us to fill with the ever changing needs and new information coming through for such a large festival, and perfect for our needs.

Danny Yau

Danny Yau, Country Music Channel


Danny Yau

Danny Yau, Channel [V]


Shaan and Chillybin were able to help us with a quick turnaround and a robust, flexible site for a client promotion. Because of the control, we were able to impress the client with our real time interaction and post event videos – all easily managed by us.

Shaan and Chillybin were able to help us make sense of a very big project with lost of complexities, and make it simple for us. He went beyond to deliver to a extremely tight deadline and helped us create a user experience that makes sense of a lot of information, and with an ease of use on our side.

Testimonial placeholder image from Unsplash for Danny Yau

Danny Yau, Channel [V]


Danny Yau

Danny Yau, Country Music Channel


Shaan and Chillybin provided a great solution to update the CMC Music Awards site. For the first time we had one voting form for all catergories, making sense of all the diffrent categories and nominations for us, and making it user friendly, great looking and delivered quickly and easily.

Shaan and the team at Chillybin stepped up to the plate with their development expertise at short notice to help us deliver a superb website for Bento. Whatever the scope of the request, Chillybin never fail to find a solution to make it happen in the best way possible. Highly recommend their work in all things digital and look forward to working with them again.

Liz O’Rourke, Director


David Shum, Author

Just One More Step

I would like to congratulate ChillyBin on a job well done with the design and illustration of my book along with the development of the book purchase website. Key to highlight is how they were spot-on with the creation of the appropriate hand sketches to offer an identity to each chapter. A picture is truly worth a thousand words. Many thanks also to ChillyBin for their patience at every step of the way. It was a long journey indeed to the FINISH line. No qualms working with them again on my next book!

There are few web development firms around that possess the knack for understanding a client’s business “personality”, and be able to exude that with subtle professional class. ChillyBin is one of them. From the initial phase of conceptualising our website to its completion, they clearly understood our brand values and market positioning. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to build a strong brand-centric website.

Shaun Lin, Director


Carney Nir, Head of Marketing

Dew Process Recordings

We asked ChillyBin to create a site for us at very short notice. He managed to deliver us with a great site, built to spec, at such short notice, and was fantastic at accommodating late changes. We’ve used Shaan before and find him great to deal with. Highly recommended!

Foxtel contracted ChillyBin to develop two show microsites, “The People Speak” and “Mankind” for The History Channel, Australia.  Not only are these sites attention grabbers, but Shaan took our ideas, and turned them into a seamless user experience.  When another priority for our channel comes up, we’ll be contacting ChillyBin to make us shine.

Leanne Woods, Executive Producer

The History Channel, Foxtel

Simon Dixon, Online Producer

The History Channel, Foxtel

The communication and professionalism that we here at The History Channel got from ChillyBin surpassed our expectations and impressed us greatly. Any question was quickly answered and they were more than happy to explain their processes to us as well. We now have a great website and an enhanced knowledge base thanks to ChillyBin.

ChillyBin did an excellent job conceptualizing and executing a website that was functional and innovative. The level of detail was brilliant as they integrated Facebook to a level no other local developer could offer at the time. Don’t hesitate, these guys are good at what they do.

Jonathan Kay, Director

Status Productions

Jerry Soer, Artist Manager

We Are Unified | Staple Management

Shaan has done an incredible job with our project Miami Horror on tight deadlines, vague directions and multiple people to answer to. Definitely will get him for our next online project.

After working with several website developers, our experience with ChillyBin was a breath of fresh air.  They cared about our website just as much as we do.  We are extremely happy with the final product and going forward will never work with anyone else.  Thank you ChillyBin!

Jim Smith, Managing Director

Elite Resorts of Asia Pacific

Mark Greedy, CEO

Destination Elite

ChillyBin brought a refreshingly new approach to assisting Elite Resorts of Asia Pacific/Destination Elite with its recent global launch. They not only provide up-to-date technical expertise but also are quite creative in their approach to solving problems – basically, there is no problem that isn’t solvable!

ChillyBin showed great enthusiasm and creativity in assisting us with a client request. Their sense of urgency and the flexibility to re-create what we wanted was amazing! I’ll definitely be using them again in future.

Angeline Leo, Marketing Manager

Per AQUUM Resorts‎

Carly Ingleton, Marketing Manager

Purple Sneakers Pty Ltd

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