Social Media Management

Social Media Management

If you know you need to be on social media to reach new clients, but don’t know what to say, ChillyBin offers social media management services to help you connect with your target market on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google my Business, LinkedIn and more. We also offer social media consultation and account development.

social media management

Put your brand on the map with expert social media management and development services created to grow your brand to new heights.

Our social media services cover three specific areas including social media services, B2B marketing solutions and social media marketing packages – all based on your business’s specific needs. Whether you need a hand kicking off a new arm of your business or you need the ChillyBin team to work on a social media retainer, we can provide the social media services you need to grow your engagement and reach online.

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Social Media Services

We manage all of your social media content so you can focus on the things you’d rather be doing in your business. Whether you have a start-up business or you’re a flourishing business that’s growing from strength to strength, our social media services work to ensure your business is relevant to your target audience. We tailor a social media strategy to help educate existing clients, potential clients, and also generate new leads.

B2B Marketing Solutions

For companies that operate in the Business-to-Business industry, we’ve put together the go-to for all things social and created a range of options that ensure your activity on your social media pages is driving your SEO and positioning your business front of mind for your customers and target audience. We create content by putting ourselves in your target audience’s shoes and crafting video, images and posts that resonate and drive traffic.

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Social Media Marketing Packages

For businesses that want their social media marketing professionally managed across multiple platforms on an ongoing basis, we’ve created a social media management package that includes everything your brand needs to make social media a thriving success. Focus on the tasks you’d rather be taking care of, and our social media experts will take care of your social platforms to make them a huge hit online.

Using a social media retainer allows your business to have complete transparency for your social media marketing and allows our talented social media experts to create jaw-dropping results that work for your business.

  • Facebook page building
  • Facebook lead generation
  • Drive website traffic through Facebook ads
  • Blog and article writing
  • Social media strategy consultation
  • Instagram advertising 
  • LinkedIn advertising
  • Google My Business optimisation


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