Data and Analytics

In the business world, data and analytics makes the world go round. Smart businesses crave up-to-the-minute information on user behaviour, interests and demographics which creates a demand for analytics, insights and optimisation. At ChillyBin, we empower our clients to gather the best data for their needs so they can refine digital assets, enhance online platforms and fine-tune communications.

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Data and Analytics

Strategy & Implementation

At ChillyBin, we create data strategies that drive your business online. We take the time to understand the inner workings of your business and get a deep understanding of how your business is tracking to create and implement detailed strategies tailored to your business. Our talented team use innovative tools to measure the success of your marketing and sales and use data mining to get the most out of your business online.

Reporting & Analysis

We not only source the essential data your business needs to thrive online, but we also use that data to extract the little nuggets of gold you need to help your website stand out from your competitors. Using the latest reporting and analytics techniques and software, we track patterns, insights and trends in your data and identify ways for your business to gain additional opportunities and generate more leads.

Conversion Optimisation

In the online world it’s all about converting leads into customers, and your website needs to ensure your digital assets are firing on all cylinders. We work through all the conversion stages to leverage data through monitoring, analysis and optimisation to boost opportunities and drive sales.

Campaign Optimisation

Setting up a campaign is one thing but to get the results you’re searching for you need to ensure the campaign is fully optimised to achieve amazing results. We use your website data to enhance your performance online and work to your outlined KPI’s so you get the results you’re striving for. If you’re looking to ensure your online marketing campaigns are kicking goals, speak with ChillyBin about our campaign optimisation solutions.

User Testing

There’s no point setting up a campaign without testing it with your potential audience to ensure it’s meeting their exact needs. In our user testing phase we go straight to the horse’s mouth and ask users what they want, need and value to improve your UX and test plans to ensure they’re on track.

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