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Vigahs Marine Technologies approached ChillyBin to design and develop their website to market their expanding marine services through 2010 and beyond. Vigahs Marine Technologies had previously been operating with no company website. ChillyBin undertook the project with the primary goal to leverage their range of specialist services in the shipping & oil and gas industries and to present information though a fresh, clear, concise and well designed website.

The website for Vigahs Marine Technologies was built for the WordPress Content Management System to allow easy administration of all aspects of the website for staff members. The designed was inspired by the marine industry in which Vigahs Marine Technologies operate in, utilising imagery consistent with shipping. ChillyBin integrated a photo gallery for showcasing the range of services that they provide as well as a news platform so Vigahs can stay in touch with their clients easily and effectively thorough their website. The Vigahs Marine Technologies team now have full access to update all the content on their website in a quick and easy system which gives them highly detailed analytics across the whole website.

Vigahs Marine Technologies Pte Ltd. is primarily serving the marine oil & gas industry. We are strategically located to provide our clients with the fastest, highly efficient and very economical service possible. We have a competent and highly dedicated team and corporate culture that is solidly based on the principles of professionalism, innovation and service.

Role: Consultancy, Web Design & Development (WordPress, Photoshop, PHP, XHTML & CSS, & jQuery)
URL: www.vigahs.com.sg

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Vigahs Marine Technologies

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