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Founded in 2016, the Trent Group is dedicated to providing clients in every part of the world with a century of international port terminal experience, no matter their size.

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Trent Port Services


Trent Port Services had an old website that needed to be updated to create a better user experience for visitors, to help them meet their objective of expanding globally and becoming the ‘go-to’ port services company in Singapore. 

Where Trent Port Services differ from their competitors is in their holistic approach to ports, and in their desire to build long-term relationships that benefit their clients, rather than one-off transactions for the sake of selling. 

Trent Port Services have several key values that they wanted to be reflected in their website:

  • Their port knowledge
  • Their port experience
  • Their extensive network that can get things done
  • Their strong partnership values, that go above and beyond just paper-based contracts
  • Their ability to bring real and demonstrable value to many aspects of port life

This meant building a site that instantly built trust was crucial, as it would be a key pillar in helping Trent Port Services to achieve their goal of growing internationally while attracting clients that share the same values.

Services performed:

  • Strategy & Discovery
  • Branding & Design
  • Web Design
  • WordPress Development
  • WordPress Support
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Our Approach

The updated Trent Port Services website needed to be visually pleasing with lots of strong photos and illustrations, and mobile responsive so it adapts and offers a usable experience on multiple sized screens.

We wanted to help elevate their status and position them as an expert authority and leader in the port services, project management and terminal sectors in Singapore targeting customers looking for solutions in over 25 countries.

The development teams main aim was to provide a rock-solid, powerful platform that featured trust factors – such as testimonials and case studies – to help position their business as knowledgeable experts who can be relied on.

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The Problem

There were three key issues that need to be overcome to ensure Trent Port Services could reach its goal of global expansion

  1. Corporate giants trading on their name to win new business
  2. The comfort level of people wanting to maintain the ‘status quo’ in their space
  3. The time needed to break the mould and show that a new player can help people achieve better results

As well as these three key issues, Trent Port Services needed to show that they were a holistic port services company that could offer a much greater depth of service than any siloed consultant could ever dream of.

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The Solution

The revamped website is clean, clear, and quickly shows visitors that Trent Port Services offer unrivalled port services and solutions powered by operational excellence and backed by a clear set of guiding principles.

Through a purposeful user flow design, visitors to the home page are then directed to learn more about the business and the people behind it, followed by the services they offer, before being guided to reach out and make contact.

Trent Port Services needed a website as trustworthy and dependable as the services they provide.

What the team at ChillyBin delivered is a site that makes them the first port of call for anyone needing port services around the world.

Jon Arnup

Jon Arnup, President & CEO

Trent Port Services

Our old website served a purpose when the company was founded in 2016, but it was static, typical website layout and not attractive when trying to navigate through as a customer. Since talking to Chillybin and engaging them to develop our new website and content, we could not be happier. We


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