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The Brief

Our client Hurrah Productions needed a website created that allows them to collate and showcase their collection of videos and interviews of various bars, restaurants, and cafes throughout Singapore. Hurrah Productions shot a series of one minute videos for all of these places and conducted interviews with the chiefs at them. They also have a series of one minute long signature videos to showcase on the website.

They needed us to create a website that lets them showcase all this content, as well as provide the ability for bookings along with providing additional information for each restaurant. One of the main goals was to engage users and encourage subscriptions to their social media outlets.

The Solution

In order to meet all of our client’s needs, we quickly got to work setting up an easy to use platform that not only allows their users to easily access all the videos and content on the website, but that also makes it easy for Hurrah Productions to manage the content and upload new videos seamlessly.

In order to allow users to make bookings through the website, we developed a booking system that makes it easy to create bookings directly with the restaurant featured in each video. Additionally, users have the option to share the video they’re watching on social media, or share the information pertaining to specific bookings on their social networks or through email.

The Solution

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