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ScoutAsia is an Asia-focused news and company data platform, jointly developed by Nikkei and the Financial Times in 2018 with the aim of enabling customers to make better and more informed decisions.

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Scout Asia


ScoutAsia serves corporates and business professionals who look after their business in Asia. 

Their customers’ roles include portfolio management, researchers, corporate planning, and business development. Their common interests and challenges are risk detection (due diligence) and company monitoring. 

ScoutAsia is backed by Nikkei and the Financial Times, both of whom are established and trusted media brands especially in business in finance. Their product is designed as a simpler solution compared to the other existing brands in the market. 

Their latest feature, Connections+, is a unique data visualisation technology that adds a lot of value to the news and data platform.

ScoutAsia has several key areas that they wanted to promote on their website:

  • Reliable sources carefully curated by Nikkei
  • Powerful AI solutions developed by Handshakes
  • Their human machine learning/training team
  • Their ability to provide ‘alert’ notifications
  • Their in-depth company data and visualisation tool – Connections+

This meant building a site that was clean, intuitive, and trustworthy was crucial as visitors to the site would be weighing up whether or not they could rely on SccoutAsia for the vital information they need to run their businesses.

Services performed:

  • Strategy & Discovery
  • Branding & Design
  • Web Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Lead Generation
  • WordPress Support
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Our Approach

The ScoutAsia website needed to convey three key criteria; authenticity, diversity and simplicity to help bring awareness to their brand and make it a hub for lead generation.

We wanted to help elevate their status and position them as an expert authority and leader in the news monitoring space to help attract new and exciting opportunities and brand partnerships.

The development teams main aim was to provide a rock-solid, powerful platform that showed visitors that ScoutAsia is a home-grown and innovative data platform designed for Asian businesses.

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The Problem

There were three key issues that need to be overcome to ensure ScoutAsia’s clients could reach their goal of making better and more informed decisions:

  1. The time-consuming research and monitoring of news and company data
  2. Unreliable data sources
  3. Receiving a flood of information at the same time

As well as these three key issues, ScoutAsia needed to display to potential clients that their solution offers AI/machine learning-driven research and monitoring tools that enable them to have their daily work done in less time and with less manual input.

scout asia portfolio problem

The Solution

The new website is clean and innovative, and visitors quickly understand they are visiting a site they can trust due to Nikkei and the Financial Times strong reputations throughout the region.

Through a purposeful user flow design, visitors to the home page are directed towards signing up for a free trial of the Connections+ app – ScoutAsia’s ultimate goal.

ScoutAsia needed a website as trustworthy and dependable as the brands they represent

What the team at ChillyBin delivered is a site that is right on the money.

Carly Ingleton, Marketing Manager

Purple Sneakers Pty Ltd

You have the patience of a Zen Master!


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