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ChillyBin designed a promotional site for Purple Sneakers DJ’s to showcase their upcoming double CD ‘We Mix You Dance’. The site provides users a quick snapshot of the upcoming release and highlights a 10min promotional mix as well as news, bio, track listing & social networking links.

There’s one very good reason why Purple Sneakers has been Sydney’s longest running and most popular indie party club for 5 very successful years; the reason for the awesome house party atmosphere and packed out crowds each and every week. And that’s the Purple Sneakers DJs. Born from the womb of this iconic indie monster the Purple Sneakers DJs strove to mix guitar-based indie hits into dancefloor destroying tracks and prove that just because you play indie you don’t have to suck as a DJ – as dance music authority InTheMix puts it “those Purple Sneakers cats can really fucking mix!”.

The website for Purple Sneakers DJ’s was built in XHTML & CSS and utilises Javascript to keep the site fullscreen no matter what size browser window that the user has. Alongside an integrated Sound Cloud MP3 player, we also linked and imported their Twitter & Facebook social network profiles.

Role: Design & Development (XHTML & CSS, jQuery, Javascript)
URL: www.purplesneakersdjs.com

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Purple Sneakers DJs

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