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What comes to mind when you think about the kids of today?  Long hours of playing video games, constant swiping away at their smartphones, and an overwhelming urge to stay connected and online 24/7.  Sound about right?  Well unfortunately it’s all too true.  There’s nothing wrong with being connected with technology, however in some cases, it has become an addiction for our youth.  Working to improve the lives of our youths who are facing challenges associated with the cyber world is the cyber care and wellness agency MeToYou.  The agency provides programs and counseling for children and families struggling with these issues, in order to help and empower them to contribute back to society.

In order to get things underway, the agency reached out the ChillyBin to design a website that meets their needs and fits perfectly with their vision for the agency.  After discussing the brief in depth with the client, we worked closely with them to design a website that looks great and fits with everything they wanted and more.


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