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Barnes Capital is one of Australia’s premier developers of ‘lifestyle destinations’ hotels with some of the most stunning outlooks, services and facilities anywhere in the world. Hotels managed by the world’s leading hotel operators, developed and financed by an industry heavyweight required a website that matched the task at hand - and ChillyBin was called to provide a stellar website of epic proportions.

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Barnes Capital


The brief was to create a website that would “set the standard” for capital & development firms around the globe. With a key objective to attract investors, hotel partners, and position Barnes Capital as the premium boutique operator in the industry – ChillyBin were up to the task.

Barnes Capital, a boutique property investment & development firm heralding from Melbourne, Victoria were referred to us by Australian marketing agency Ginger Ninjas. Having worked with Ginger Ninjas for a number of years, the Barnes Capital group were looking to take their business image to the next level as their development pipeline edged towards $1billion AUD.

Services performed:

  • Strategy & Discovery
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Content Optimisation
  • WordPress Support
barnes capital portfolio

Central to the brief was the requirement of a ‘premium solution’, one that would appeal to investors from around the world, allowing put Barnes Capital to put themselves on the global finance map.

In addition, there was a need for a nimble & flexible site that could be updated, managed and tweaked at a moment’s notice as required by the company, as things move fast in the world of investment and finance.

Our Approach

Working alongside our marketing partners who were pressed with a tight deadline, ChillyBin was required to work outside the box to achieve the outcomes the client was expecting to see and all in a tight turnaround time.

Pushing the workflow out the window, we worked side-by-side with the team at Ginger Ninjas to progress through the key objectives of the site including reworking the branding and style guide including aesthetics, imagery, textures and the content.

Always looking to incorporate the Barnes Capital core values and mindful to showcase Barnes Capital are a premium investment firm providing exceptional returns, we challenged ourselves to think outside the square.

We are not always so lucky to have the client put their full faith in their marketing team for the concept, design and delivery of a new custom-built site, however, Barnes Capital allowed just that.

As a design and development team, we were given full creative licence to create a truly inspiring website, just like the lifestyle destinations created by Barnes Capital.

barnes capital portfolio
barnes capital portfolio

The Problem

The client had a very outdated website, one that didn’t provide users with a true insight into the size, scale and excellence of the Barnes Capital sites under development and available for investment.

Not only that, but in the turbulent world of international finance, trust, integrity and transparency is of paramount importance, and Martyn Barnes the Managing Director of Barnes Capital required the website to provide a face behind the name, the projects and of course his credibility in being a man that can get the job done.

barnes capital portfolio

The Solution

Time was of the essence, and with the creative licence to create a website that would fit the bill for one of Australia’s premier developers, the ChillyBin team got to work.

With the wireframe, content & plan in place, our team went to work, designing the layout, laying out images and adding complex textures as the client required, adding the ‘high-end edge’ the Barnes Capital were looking for.

Next, we went to work to create a series of unique profiles for each of the development sites that Barnes Capital were working on, ensuring that it told its very own, unique and personal story.

Each site needed to showcase the development to investors, hotel management companies and allow the general public to capture the vision and mission of the company both on a holistic level company wide level, as well as the individual site level.

We needed something to make the website capture the company’s essence, their drive and their passion from the world… we achieved that and this is echoed by Managing Director, Martyn Barnes thoughts too, “Love this site, it’s honestly sexy and exactly what I was looking for to position my brand, my company and my projects”.

Martyn Barnes

Martyn Barnes, Managing Director

Barnes Capital

Love this site, it’s honestly sexy and exactly what I was looking for to position my brand, my company and my projects


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barnes capital portfolio
barnes capital portfolio
barnes capital portfolio

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