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Avalanche City (Dave Baxter) has just released his debut album ‘Our New Life Above The Ground’, and ChillyBin redesigned and redeveloped the New Zealander musician & songwriters web presence. The new website provides fans a one stop shop for all things Avalanche City with a global focus with a complete discography, video archives, as well as news, biography, track listings & social networking links.

The Avalanche City website was built for the WordPress Content Management System, and utilises core SEO enhancements and the Genesis Framework by StudioPress. The design utilises key elements from the debut album artwork. Alongside an integrated email subscription system, the site is geo-location aware which allows his record label Warner Music Australia to target specific news, releases and promotions to specific markets across the globe. We have also integrated closely with Facebook, pulling through the tour dates directly from the Avalanche City Facebook page. The system allows his management full access to change just about any aspect of the site through the administration modules in a quick and easy system which gives them highly detailed analytics at their fingertips.

Listen to ‘Our New Life Above The Ground’

‘Avalanche City is the brainchild of Dave Baxter, a musician whose background stretches across many genres and influences, culminating in a sound that is an impressive and eclectic range of various instruments, melodies and harmonies. The depth and perspective create a dynamic atmosphere that is rich and raw all at once. The epicentre of Avalanche City is Baxter himself, who writes, conceives, produces, records and plays every instrument on this debut album ‘Our New Life Above The Ground’.

Role: Design & Development (WordPress, PHP, XHTML & CSS, jQuery, Javascript)
URL: www.avalanchecity.com

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Avalanche City, Australia

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