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What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is a comprehensive marketing platform that helps you better communicate with your customers, clients, and other interested parties.

We create beautiful campaigns based on sound contact management strategies, and offer powerful data analytics to help you become a better marketer.

Here are some ways that MailChimp can help grow your business...

  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Nurturing sequences
  • Discount voucher delivery
  • Automated RSS campaigns
  • And much more!
mailchimp marketing automation with chillybin

MailChimp Marketing Automation with ChillyBin

For generating, nurturing, and converting leads into clients and customers, MailChimp is the preferred digital marketing solution.

Here at ChillyBin, we are experts at integrating MailChimp into your business.

The MailChimp platform has helped us generate long-term, highly qualified leads for a wide range of clients in Singapore and around the world. Our MailChimp service is now available to companies like yours that want to grow their business.

Our MailChimp services can streamline all of your digital marketing efforts so we can supercharge your growth - whether you're trying to improve email marketing, increase brand awareness on social media, use Google ads to retarget potential customers, or anything in between.

To find out how ChillyBin’s MailChimp services can help you succeed, contact us today!

here’s what mailchimp is not

Here’s What MailChimp is NOT

Despite MailChimp's inherent advantages, it is equally important to acknowledge what it cannot do.

MailChimp CANNOT be fully automated

Learning and mastering MailChimp is a complex and delicate process that takes a lot of effort (and time!).

The results are incredibly powerful when you put the time in, but it takes dedication to learn how to run the system, to get results, and to run the programs and analyse the data accurately.

In order to maximise your MailChimp growth, we recommend outsourcing it to an expert.

MailChimp itself CANNOT bring in new leads

Using MailChimp allows you to analyse data so that you can interact with your leads more effectively. However, MailChimp alone will not drive more traffic to your website.

Using MailChimp data analysis in conjunction with driving traffic is critical. It is best to invest both in organic and paid content to achieve this. Our team always recommends hiring a MailChimp professional with experience in content marketing, SEO, and Facebook Ads.

how we will grow your business with our mailchimp automation services

How We Will Grow Your Business with our MailChimp Automation Services

Our MailChimp experience helps us guide our clients' businesses to optimal growth.

Here is exactly how we do it…

email marketing mailchimp 1

#1 - Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a powerful method of growing and nurturing leads despite being the oldest form of digital marketing.

Next-level segmentation is the key to growing and nurturing your email list.

With MailChimp’s email segmentation tool, you work smarter, not harder, to segment your customers. Our emails are customised based on data collected at the prospect’s point of entry

The ability to send highly targeted emails allows us to reach each customer based on their interests and at what stage they are in the funnel. No more broad emails to your entire list!

#2 - Automations

Want to send your new subscriber a welcome gift? Great!

We can create automations that send your new subscribers a specific discount code for them to use in your online store.

Not only does this get the new relationship off on the right foot, it also increases your sales figures and revenue.

email marketing mailchimp 2
email marketing mailchimp 3

#3 - Nurture Sequences

Not everyone is ready to buy when they first discover your business - and that’s ok.

Some people need a little more guidance, hand-holding, and proof that your solution is what they need.

We can create a nurture sequence that displays your social proof, case studies, and other areas that show you’re the authority in your niche, building trust between you and your prospects.

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