Buffer & Social Networking Strategy

Lets face it, keeping up with social media can be a exhausting.  With all of our day to day activities and the hustle and bustle of life, it can be difficult to find the time to tweet and update all of your social websites.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow magically automate these… Read more


Google Plus for SEO

A few years back, if you were to say the word “Social Networking”, people automatically thought of the names Facebook and Twitter. These were the two main contenders in the social networking arena. However in late June of 2011, that quickly changed, as the search engine giant Google began stirring up the tech waters with… Read more


Introducing the New Twitter Profiles

Last month, Twitter made it possible for anyone and everyone to test drive the new Twitter profiles. For the past few weeks, the company has been rigorously testing out and implementing the new design to help makes things easier for users to navigate, and show the world who they are. However the new redesign didn’t come… Read more


HeartBleed and What It Means For You

When it comes to doing online banking, using our credit cards to make purchases online, and storing any personal information in the cloud, we like to trust that companies are taking good care of our data and vital personal information.  We often felt safe that when we look at our address bar and see a… Read more


How Your Website Can Benefit from the Genesis Framework

Lets face it, anyone serious about blogging or creating a web presence for themselves has probably heard of a platform the technology world likes to call WordPress. This popular and sophisticated content management system makes it easy for the average Joe to get a website up and running in a matter of minutes. WordPress by… Read more


Why Basecamp is Great for Business

One of the key components to having a working and successful relationship between both clients and contractors, is communication. If both parties aren’t in sync with each other, things can easily fall apart very quickly. For some web developers, having to build a website, and make sure to keep the client updated on all parts… Read more


Anticipated 2014 Design Trends

The year 2013 was a blast! Not only it was known for being the Chinese year of the snake, but for web designers, 2013 also holds the title for being called the “Year of Responsive Web Design”. Trends change fast, and web technologies even faster, so what does the “Year of the Horse” have in… Read more


When Shared Hosting Isn’t Enough

So you’re interested in building your first website?  Perhaps to showcase your portfolio online, or maybe blog about your adventures as an entrepreneur?  Well, you’re in luck.  In today’s tech savvy world, companies have made it painlessly easy for the average person to get a website up and running in just a matter of minutes…. Read more